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Magnetic Phone Pouches

Designed for the robust school environment, Mind My Phone magnetic device pouches are manufactured using splash proof NEOPRENE which is a synthetic rubber resistant to water and heat. You simply place your device in the pouch and clip it shut with magnetic hold. When required to access, tap the lock against the UNLOCKING BASE (purchased separately) and remove your device. 

Available in Four Fun Designs or Custom Your Own Design with option of SIGNAL BLOCKING TECHNOLOGY built in.

Dimensions when locked shut - 24cm high x 12cm wide

Back of pouch.png

White space on rear of all

pouches to write student

name or ID if required.

Mobile Phone Pouches.jpg

Custom Design Option

We can custom design your pouch to have your logo printed on one or both sides.


Design Option

custom pouch.png
custom pouch.png
custom pouch.png

Three Unlocking Station Options



Unlocking Base

The Mind My Phone Unlocking Base is commercial grade and far more powerful compared to many on the market.  Designed to wall mount or counter top mount.

Dimensions: 7.5cm wide x 5cm high


Lockable Cabinet

The Mind My Phone Lockable Cabinet is

Lockable Cabinet.png
Lockable Cabinet Open.png

is designed to wall or counter mount and lock to restrict access when not required.  These slimline premium cabinets contain one unlocking base.

Dimensions: 32cm wide x 32cm high x 8cm deep



Mobile Unlocking Station

The Mind My Phone Mobile Unlocking Station has been designed to move large volumes of people efficiently.  Each station has two unlocking bases connected to each side (four in total), and can be wheeled to a convenient position when required and stored securely when not.

Dimensions: 90cm long x 90cm high x 50cm wide

Key Benefits

  • No contracts or subscriptions - you own your pouch and unlocking station outright.

  • Available in MAGNETIC MAGIC BUTTON locking action.

  • Velcro pouches available for students who require special access.

  • Powerful UNLOCKING STATION options available to suit your requirements.



  • Premium Neoprene material which is water and heat resistant.

  • Measuring 24cm high x 12cm wide when closed.

  • Available in four designs or create your own.

Magic Button Operation

Patented button operation for longevity and safety plus extra powerful Unlocking Base reduces tampering.

Magic Button Safety Feature

Automatic retracting pin for safety.

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