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Combination Lockers

The most popular of our solutions is the in-built combination lockers. Available in three sizes and two colours, the combination lockers are slim line at only 22cm deep and designed to install side by side or at different locations. User friendly combination allows for quick and easy set and re-set when required and fast access for the student. Combination allows for convenience as once the locker is set there is no requirements for staff involvement. Simply set and forget. If you do need to access, you will have a master key giving you access to all lockers. 10 YEAR WARRANTY

Mind My Phone Combination Lockers.jpg

Available in 3 Sizes

THE MAX 136 Combination Locker

178cm high x 110cm wide x 22cm deep

The MIDI 60 Combination Locker

160cm high x 57cm wide x 22cm deep

The HANDY 30 Combination Locker

63cm high x 70cm wide x 22cm deep

Wall Mountable


Available in 2 Colours


Key Benefits

  • A professional and viable solution to the daily logistics of collecting and distributing devices.

  • Save human resources as no school staff physical handling is required.

  • Reduced liability for potential loss or damage to devices from physical handling.

  • Easy and secure student combination set beginning of year.

  • Slimline high storage capacity lockers designed for minimal space allocation and multi-location setup as required.


  • THE MAX136 Combination Locker: 136 individual combination passcode device lockers.

  • THE MIDI60 Combination Locker: 60 individual combination passcode device lockers.

  • THE HANDY30 Combination Locker: 30 individual combination passcode device lockers.

  • Easy combination set and reset.

  • Master key for forgotten combinations.

  • Quick change individual locks and doors for damage maintenance.

  • Premium cold rolled 0.7mm steel.

  • Electro static powder coated exterior and interior.  Pre drilled back plate for secure wall anchoring.

  • Custom sizing and colours on request.

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